Monday, June 1, 2009

chasing salmonflies on the Blacksmith Fork River

I drove up to Logan, Utah to try the salmonfly hatch that is going on right now. I used to fish this river all the time when I lived up there. You know when you found the stretch of the river where the salmonflies are in when you start seeing them flying all over the road and slamming into your windshield.

I tried several different stretches of the river, but I think that the fish were gorged on salmonflies because I got only a few strikes overall. I did see a couple of takes of naturals, though, but not a lot.

However, once I tied on a parachute Adams, I started getting more takes.

Here are a couple of shots of the Blacksmith Fork River:

HPIM0509.jpg picture by 4SeasonFisher

HPIM0510.jpg picture by 4SeasonFisher

It's not a big river, but it's got some nice fish. I came upon a small inlet where I saw several rises:

HPIM0508.jpg picture by 4SeasonFisher

On the first cast I got a strike but I failed to set the hook. On the second cast I got this 15" fish on a parachute Adams:

HPIM0507.jpg picture by 4SeasonFisher

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  1. Looks like a blast! The river doesn't look as high as I thought it should be. Maybe I'll head up there. ^^ike